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Around 60% of the human body is made up of water. Hence, water is unconditionally important for our health. Many of the diseases are caused because of drinking contaminated water. Small children get easily affected by impure water. Nearly 38 million people in India get ill due to water borne diseases each year out of which 75% are children. Due to these epidemics nearly 7,80,000 people die every year. And even now some Spanish virologist found the Corona Virus traces in the waste water. You never know the water, which is coming in your tap is how much contaminated.

The only solution to reduce these deaths is everyone should install a water filter at home. Water filter will filter out all the dirt and disease causing substances. There are various purifiers in the market which creates a confusion which to buy. There are different processes built in the purifiers.

RO filtration process removes unwanted ions, dissolved solids and adds minerals to the water. RO means reserved osmosis. Many people have a misconception that RO filtered water is without minerals. But the truth is, good RO filters have a remineralising cartridge through which additional, essential minerals are added to the water. Also the rejected water can be used for household purposes like washing floors.

UV filters are getting popular nowadays. UV stands for ultraviolet. By using the ultraviolet lamp to emit ultraviolet rays which kills living organisms in the water. It kills the microorganisms like live viruses, bacteria, amoeba, etc. which can cause diseases like diarrhoea. UV water purification is an excellent way to kill all the deadly live microorganisms from the water. It makes the water portable for drinking.

UF membrane filtration consists of low pressure membrane which is designed to remove turbidity causing particles like suspended solids, colloidal matter, extra proteins, etc. The membrane filters out the major contaminants and forms a filtrate which is let out in the form of rejected water. All the dead bacteria and viruses found in water are filtered out by the UF membrane. It also retains some essential minerals filtered out by the RO system.

MF stands for Microfiltration. The name itself gives a clear idea that it filters out micro particles. But the pores of the MF membrane are slight larger than the UF membrane. It is commonly used for conjunction with various processes like UV and UF process to make the water free from all contaminants.

This all processes are simultaneously fitted in a single filter, then it becomes the best water purifier. As the water we get through such filters is enriched with essential minerals, free from live viruses and bacteria, free from harmful contaminants.

For analyzing the mineral level nowadays TDS meter is also fitted in the purifier. TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids.

The purifiers are named on the basis of the purification systems built into them.

1.There are UV+UF Purifiers which ensures double protection and which has 5 stages of the UV+UF purification system. Moreover, they are very compact.

2. There are RO+UV+MF Purifiers which provide very advanced purification, it has a capacity to kill 10 million germs from 1 L of water. It is a 7 stage purifier, in short the water we get after purification is safe for drinking.

3. There are RO+UV+MTDS Purifier available as well, which not only provides advanced purification, but also has a smart energy saving mode. The purifier automatically turns off the power once the tank is filled.

4. There are Normal Gravity based UV Purifiers as well. These purifiers are cheap.

5. There are UV+UF+TDS+RO Purifiers which are considered as the best one.

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