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Nowadays, each and every one is aware about the importance of hygiene and cleanliness. Due to the spread of the deadly Corona Virus, the entire crowd is petrified. Almost all the things are sanitized and washed with soap and water after use. Because, even one careless step can cost a life.

According to the study, the best protection against this virus is healthy immunity. And the strength of your immunity is totally dependent on your food habits. A balanced diet with sufficient vitamins and minerals can strengthen your immune system. The vital part of a balanced diet includes ample vegetables and fruits.

Normally, whenever you bring vegetables and fruits home, you wash it thoroughly. But, these days during the pandemic, there’s a question striking everyone that “Is just washing enough? “. And the answer is “No”. For ensuring proper hygiene, many people started using detergent and soaps. This can be very dangerous as there are various chemicals in the detergent. Even a little residue of the detergent may get stuck to this food and can result in gastrointestinal distress.

Washing only cleans the dirt settled on the vegetables and fruits. But nowadays harmful pesticides and chemicals are used for preserving the vegetables and fruits. For making them look fresh even harmful wax is applied. Such materials cannot be removed just by water.

Vegi Clean must be used for thoroughly cleaning the vegetables and fruits. Vegi Clean is a mixture of organic herbs, natural oils and other essentials, which completely disinfects, detoxifies and cleans the eatables. It dissolves the wax and chemicals. It ensures that the whole fruits and vegetables are safe to eat. It kills 99.5% of germs, bacteria and other harmful chemicals present on the vegetables and fruits.

Vegi clean not only cleans the vegetables and fruits, but also safeguards the health of the family. It does not contain any chemical or additives. It has no smell, no added preservatives and it is free from soap, alcohol or chlorine.

Vegi clean provides a hygienic shield to the food and makes it healthier for consumption.

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