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Keeping the current situation in view, it’s clear that the novel Corona virus is continuously creating havoc across the globe. The experts, doctors and the media are constantly emphasizing on the importance of using face covers or face masks while stepping out of the home. Covering the faces will minimize the spread of the virus.

As the threat of the virus has immensely increased day by day, so it’s well understood that precautions are must. But, wearing a mask is not very comfortable, not even it protect the eyes and nowadays costly masks like N-95, N-98, etc. are recommended for best protection which are not reusable. These all cons of face masks are compensated by face shields. A face shield not only provides comfort, but also can provide better protection against any bacterial or viral water droplets as it covers the eyes, nose and mouth. A face shield is a clear plastic barrier that covers the entire face. And at the same time it is available at reasonable prices.

If you’re not comfortable with face masks, face shield can be a better option.

Dr.Joseph Fair who is a virologist and an epidemiologist contracted Corona virus while travelling through the flight. According to him, he had a mask on, gloves on and he also practiced his normal wipes routine, but he wasn’t wearing any goggles or any eye protection. So he stated that he contracted the virus through the eyes. And he was hospitalized. The story of Dr.Joseph Fair depicts that the masks are not enough, eye protection is necessary.

The good quality masks undoubtedly provide utmost protection, but at the same time if any person has preexisting respiratory problems then it can cause some built up of carbon dioxide levels in the body. The physical barrier of the masks makes it harder to take in air and it also traps some carbon dioxide, which is exhaled, which means you end up breathing in air that is warmer and moister. This makes the mask slightly wet, which creates discomfort. Such problems are avoided when the face shield is used.

People wearing masks often have to remove them to communicate with others around them; so compared to a face mask, a face shield makes the communication easier, as our mouth is not covered. They are easy to clean as well, we can disinfect them using alcohol wipes or normal soap and water. Hence, the face shields are reusable.

In a simulation study by the national library of medicine, it is stated that a face shield reduces the immediate viral exposure by 96% if someone at a distance of 18 inches is coughing. Even after 30 minutes, the protective effect exceeded 80% and face shields blocked 68% of small particle aerosols. If one has to go back to the work, office than shield is more sustainable for advanced protection, before we have a vaccine. And also for the frontline warriors like doctors, cleaners, shopkeepers, etc. who are constantly exposed to the crowd can get better protection through face shields.

Qatar Airways have made the use of face shield and face masks both a compulsion for all the passengers as well as for all the people on board. All the passengers are provided disposable face shield before they board.

For ensuring complete safety, the shield should be  extended below chin, to the ears laterally and there should be no gap between the forehead and the shield.

Only proper precautions can help us to sustain healthily. So face shields should be included in the precautionary measures. Make best quality and affordable face shields a part of the strategies to safely reduce the transmission of virus

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For kids, everything needs to be decorative and interesting so that they will use it. They do not understand the depth of situation as they are very innocent. So for their safety face shields as well face shields are important. You can buy Cartoon Face Shields for the kids.

All frontline warriors should use Helmet Visor Face Shield. It will give full face protection and can be reused multiple times.

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