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The current condition of the world is the proof of how brutally COVID-19 has disrupted the normal lifestyle of the entire mankind. The virus is not only eating up the population gradually, but also has shaken the nations from all aspects. The only way to come out of this swamp is by breaking the chain of the Corona Virus. For doing it, we should to stay at home and should take utmost precautions. So, we all should have a best essential product kit at home to fight against Corona. To make your work simple you can order all the precautionary, essential products online and will be delivered safely to your registered destination.

Some simple precautions which can reduce your chances of getting infected by Corona virus:

1. Face Mask: In the battle against Corona, face masks are crucial nowadays. A recent study of COVID-19 states that masks are mandatory to wear, as this disease can spread among the people when they come close to each other and do some normal actions for example: talking, sneezing, coughing, etc. Even if any person is not exhibiting any symptoms it doesn’t that prove he/she is not infected because it all depends on your immunity. The infection can stay in someone’s body without causing any harm, but at the same time if it is transmitted to someone else with low immunity then it can even cost that person’s life. So masks usage can offer safety. Surgical masks and pollution resistant masks are extremely safe and effective.

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2.Face Shield: It is a transparent plastic shade which provides a high level of protection to the wearer. It covers the full face of the wearer including eyes, nose and mouth, hence it prevents the viral particles from reaching the wearer. As the study on COVID-19 says that the viral droplets, particularly the airborne particles remain in the air for some period of time which can increase the risk of infection. These shields will be very useful tools for those who are facing regular contact or interaction with different people, for example doctors, shopkeepers, policemen, etc.

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3. Hand Wash: Washing hands frequently with hand wash and water can reduce the spread of infections. The virus remains on the surfaces for a long period of time and if we touch those surfaces than it may stick to our hands. If the eyes, mouth or nose are touched by the same hands than it may cause Corona infection. So it’s important to clean hands frequently. For cleaning hands one should use hand wash or hand rub sanitizer which will kill all the germs and viruses which have stuck to your hands.

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4.Thermometers: Even if you are at home self assessment should be done after regular intervals, we should keep on checking the temperature every day. For it, we should have a digital thermometer. The risk of infection is high mostly when the body temperature rises. Hence we can easily estimate the possibility of infection just by knowing the body temperature. This kind of thermometer is of great use for the doctors, shopkeepers and businessmen as they can easily assess the body temperature of their patients, customers and employees respectively for ensuring safety.

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5. Protective medical gloves: When you are forced to step out of your home due to some urgency, then wear a pair of gloves. The hands are the main medium of spreading infection. So if you cover your hands while going out it will add up more safety against the virus.

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6.Immunity booster: A strong immunity makes a person infection resistant. In case, if you get sick quickly, then there is a huge need of boosting your immunity. Even if you are residing in red or containment zone than you should intake some immunity boosters, especially for the elders.

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