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As we all know, COVID-19 pandemic arrived very swiftly and eventually devastated many nations as they were unprepared. This disease’s severeness is directly proportional to the immunity of the victim. It is noticed that many of the infected people are asymptomatic, whereas some of them develop symptoms. But, both of them can transmit this deadly virus among the people near them.

Nowadays, corona virus is turning airborne. The main source of infection is the transmission of the virus through coughs, sneezes and other respiratory droplets. If someone is infected and if he/she coughs or even just talks then that virus gets spread in the air. If the same air is inhaled by the healthy person then he/she also contracts the virus. So, wearing a mask keeps the wearer as well as others safe. In short, masks are the main weapons against the Corona virus. Achieving an adequate seal to the face can prevent you from becoming sick.

Firstly, viruses doesn’t float around alone, they fly along with the droplets of moisture. Normally, those droplets are heavy enough and they just float in air till some extent of approximately 2 meters and then they settle down. But if someone is present within that distance than he/she will definitely get infected.

Without a mask some of those droplets can get evaporated and get converted into super tiny particles of infection, which can float in the air till long distance and can lead to the increase in the spread of the disease. But with a mask on, the droplets in the warm, humid space between the mask and the mouth will get captured in the fabric of the mask.

If anyone is sick, then wearing a mask proves helpful, as it prevents the droplets from passing into the air. If the droplets spread in the air, they get settled on the surfaces after some time. Those surfaces can be touched by many people, hence it will lead to the spread of infection.

Masks provide two types of protection. Firstly as discussed it prevents the droplets from spreading in the air. And secondly it block the virus if present in the air from getting into the body through mouth or nose.

While wearing a mask one should ensure that the mask is properly covering the mouth and nose. If a mask is not properly worn then it is of no use. A mask should be tight against the cheeks, tucked under the bottom of the chin and pinched tightly at the nose.

Moreover, there are different kinds of masks. N-95 is a thick-layered safe mask which filters out all the bacteria and viruses. N-99 is a pollution resistant mask, but not suitable for prolonged use as it creates difficulty in breathing. These masks can provide thorough protection from viruses. So mostly the nurses, doctors and the hospital staff who are continuously exposed to COVID-19 cases mostly prefer N-95, N-99 masks. These masks are not only expensive, but also not reusable, so instead of them  Multilayered, Washable, Anti-pollution masks can be used.

Usage of three-layered surgical masks can reduce the spread of infection as it filters out the air. Normally, surgical masks are used by the surgeons or doctors for preventing any infection during surgery. These surgical masks provide a mild to moderate protection against virus and are to be properly discarded after use. Economically, they are affordable.

Cloth masks can be reused unlike surgical ones. These masks are highly affordable. But proper cleaning should be ensured.

Masks are mandatory because in public places like markets, banks, shops, etc. social distancing can be difficult. So, to be on a safe side a mask is a must.

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