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What is the immune system?

Basically, immune system protects us from bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. It is the first line of defense against different diseases. An immune system comprises of organs, cells, tissues, blood vessels, etc. If all the components work in synchronization our body remains protected and healthy. Sometimes we come across people who catch cold or viral fever very often, whereas some stand unaffected even if their entire family is sick.

Why boosting your immunity is important?

As all of us know the adverse crisis created by COVID-19 these days. The ones with low immunity get infected by the virus and even some lose their lives. It’s all about your immunity, stronger the immunity, less will be the chances of falling sick or getting infected.

Why immunity boosters?

Many parts of the body need utmost care and need some essentials for being healthy. Nowadays the irregular and imperfect food habits have ruined the immunity. So we need immunity boosters to compensate the deficiency of vitamins, minerals and other requirements.

Which immunity boosters?

For good immunity one should keep the intestine healthy. Approximately 70% strength of the immune system depends on intestine, as our intestine receives tons of microorganisms through the food we eat. The inner lining of the intestine secretes antibodies and contains cells that recognizes and destroys the harmful microorganisms. For keeping our intestine healthy, it’s important to take care of it. Take daily Digestion Booster Juice.

For ensuring synchronize biological and metabolic processes, the vitamin level should be maintained. Vitamins are unconditionally important for healthy immune system. The immune cells keep on rapidly multiplying in number. So for fast reproduction of the numerous new cells, they need vitamins. Vitamin A & D is extremely essential for the body as they maintain healthy heart, healthy brain and increases the energy level in the body. For other all vitamins we can take Multivitamin, which will boost our immunity and will keep us unaffected by different viruses and bacteria.

Moreover, the main thing that hampers the immune system is stress. For boosting the energy level and for reducing stress, we can take certain Natural Energy Booster and Stress Relief Tablets. As the market is down, we are unable to eat Vitamin C rich fruits like lemon, orange, citrus limetta, etc. In such case, we can also take Vitamin C rich Tablets.

Apart from this, for boosting immunity very naturally we can just eat some Chyawanprash daily. It is very effective and efficient to ensure good immunity.

Tulsi, a medicinal herb, is truly very essential for our body. It supports normal bronchial lung functions. It also supports normal adrenal functions. And nowadays, most of us don’t have tulsi plant at home. So we can intake Tulsi herb in the form of Organic Tulsi Drops. This will surely keep our lungs healthy.

For kids always extra care is expected, so for boosting their immunity all the essentials are different. To maintain the health of their intestine give Kids Specific Probiotics. For protecting them from all kinds of virus, bacteria and flu, give them Kids Specific Immunity Boosters.

Immunity is nothing but the representation of how efficiently one takes care of health. So take utmost care and sleep at least 7-8 hours a day and be healthy.

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